Tue 21 Sep


You will be attending a club event that requires a valid proof to enter our club events, let us explain you how.

Valid forms of proof:

  • Proof of negative test, less than 24h before the event (via Testenvoortoegang)
  • Proof of recovery (you recovered from Covid less than 6 months ago)
  • Proof of complete vaccination

Please note: all of them need to be entered into the CoronaCheck App and converted into a QR-code.

Checklist with CoronaCheck:

  • Download the CoronaCheck-app or go to
  • Upload your Covid proof to enter in the CoronaCheck App
  • Scan the QR-code at the entrance with a valid ID

When you test positive or your QR code doesn’t work, you will need to resell your ticket through Ticketswap.

Final remarks:

- If possible, make a test appointment a day before the event

- Screenshots of the QR code do NOT work

- Make sure your phone is charged

- Bring a valid ID

- No test result within a few hours? Please go back to the test centre to ask for a manual upload.

We will not allow you access to the event, when you don't have a valid QR code in the CoronaCheck App!

Internal Codes

In case you have an international or European QR-code (dcc)? From now on, these qr-codes can be scanned with the CoronaCheck App to be sure, you can download the CoronaCheck Scanner on your phone to test your personal qr-code.

See you at the door!


We don’t tolerate discrimination | racism | sexism | homophobia | transphobia

Come as you are, be kind to yourself and to others.

We love natural high so no drugs allowed.

kindness is key so no weapons allowed

Our age limit is 18+ with valid id

While entering or leaving the club be aware of the neighbors

Pace yourselves and look out for each other

Make sure you have your pin card ready cause pin only.

For the lockers bring a 2 euro coin.

Welcome to the RADION family!

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