TALKS with head of program Ici Sans Merci

Fri 17 Apr

Ismaël Temssamani, better known as Ici Sans Merci, head of program and resident at RADION Amsterdam. As a DJ Ici is long time running and quite versatile in his sets but mostly in the harder styles, best known as our gabber orientated funny guy and a joyful one to have some small talk(s) with. In light of his postponed AURA club night tonight, we’ve asked him a bit about a crazy night out in our bunker.


What does RADION mean to you?

RADION for me is a space where everyone is welcome and where you can celebrate life and freedom together. Especially in these times I’m starting to realize how important this is to me and for current society.

Do you have a favourite spot in the club, and why?

Definitely, I have a few favourite spots, backstage for one, but if I really have to choose it would be in front of one of the big fans in the main. It’s almost like a free fall to your favourite music.

Which night at RADION is most worth mentioning to you?

This for me is an unfair question, because of my own two concepts at RADION. Being AURA and Bastion which I automatically have more affinity with than other nights. But one of my most fun days/nights at RADION would be starting Sunday morning Breakfast Club and finishing Monday morning VAULT Sessions during last ADE. A proper closing marathon with lots of energy and good people.

What is the most crazy or weird night at RADION?

This would be after AURA’s one year anniversary; we hosted a secret after in RADION’s backstage, dancing with way too many people in such a small area until, I don’t even know when actually….

What’s your expectation for future times, looking at the current situation as well?

My expectation is that when this is all over, we can enjoy harder and love even more than ever before when we’re finally able and allowed to come together again. Or as we say in Dutch: "Lekker hard gaan!".

See u all soon and enjoy the sets!

Love, Ici

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