The story behind HIS DARK Elements

Tue 19 Nov

HIS DARK Elements (also known as HDE) is a multidisciplinary, inclusive collective with the aim to provide a space where all sexualities, genders and races can dance and learn from each other in a safe manner. A space where everyone feels brave to be who they really are and connect deeply with an intimate community of people who are there to celebrate themselves and one another through good music and artistic expression.

Their goal is to push the boundaries of clubbing by incorporating music, performances and various installations on the dancefloor in order to provide an immersive, optical-acoustic experience to the party go-er. With a diverse line-up of DJs and performers, they work with artists from different disciplines, giving them the freedom to experiment with their work and ideas within the club setting.

The collective has been active in Amsterdam since 2016 in various locations around the city, including the Waterhouse squat, VLLA, OT301, and Diskothek Melancholie in Berlin; but it wasn’t until last March when they organized their first event at RADION. From March on they collaborated with AURA Amsterdam and Kraft Und Licht, putting artists on the bill such as MEJLE from Mechatronica, and Florian Kupfer together with Jensen Interceptor, Assembler Code, and CJ Bolland. In their most recent event in September they showcased the notorious queer collective PAG from Tel Aviv for the first time at the Bovenkamer.


The raw, concrete energy of the Bovenkamer is a match made in heaven for HIS DARK Elements. It is equipped with a top notch soundsystem that elevates the sonic experience, while its amphitheatrical structure provides plenty of room for creativity when designing the space with performances and installations. With a capacity of 300 people it immediately turns into an intimate sweat cage where all the bodies and their energies are intertwined into the thick smoke and the deep bass vibrations.

The resident DJs come from diverse musical backgrounds and HDE is the ground where they all merge their broad musical knowledge. In that way, together with the guest artists, they weave a hypnotic mesh made of broken beats, electro, razor sharp acid, obscure house and left field techno, among others. Adding to the musical experience is the performative aspect of the collective, which is an important piece of their identity. When HDE’s nocturnal creatures take over the stage, they experiment with gender expressions through the interconnected nature of performance and go-go dancing.

The next event is taking place on the 23rd of November and is part of their second collaboration with KUL. They have invited to the Bovenkamer the Dutch legend EKMAN, for a live set, and Manchester’s enigmatic gem and NTS resident, DR MYSTERY. The headliners will play alongside HDE's Pablo Diskko (Founder/ Resident DJ) and Sophie Blom, while George Rallis aka Gravity Grave (Artistic Director/ Performer) Styliana Apostolou, Kyle Clarke and Shaun Palmer will take over the stage and play with the archetypes of nightlife, as always with a sense of irony and a taste for darkness. What to expect from HDE events? "An intimate atmosphere heavy with dirty Bass and sensual encounters," as Founder and Creative Director Calliope Mettas told Subbacultcha recently.


Photo credits: Liel Bomberg and Calliope Mettas.

Link to event // Link to Subbacultcha interview

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