It’s ON: Wendel Sield and the Big Five

Fri 13 Sep

The love affair between RADION and Wendel started in 2014. It was the first time Wendel played at the Louwesweg, and he did that next to no other than Chez Damier. The night turned out to be more of a life-coaching session instead of just two DJ’s playing the same room. Chez got Wendel ‘motivated and on the right path’.

Now, five years later, he became quite the DJ and producer himself too, still following that path Chez directed him to on that very first night. Wendel is one of the few RADION residents that came closest to making his dreams come true in terms of line-ups. So we asked him about his big five: his all time favorite nights in RADION.

Catch him playing tunes by his big five at ON, our 5th birthday party

All stars close ADE with Moodymann

It’s Monday morning but i’m still in Church. A shoutout by Moodymann calling Louie Vega and Nina Kraviz to the stage. But my most precious memory was Geology playing the most amazing set ever. At a certain point Ron Trent, Marcellus Pittman, Moodymann, Louie Vega all stood in the DJ booth showing their support. A dream came true that night, seeing all of our hero’s gather at Our Society. (Wendel’s night at RADION, red)


A buzzing all nighter with Theo Parrish & Byron The Aquarius

Probably the best set I have ever heard Theo play. For as far as I could hear, that is, because me and Byron the Aquarius where going head to head in the Bovenkamer. We kept the room packed and went strong till 8 in the morning. Such a high level of energy running through RADION.

That time Kerri Chandler blew me away

Excitement is an understatement when I heard I was doing a night together with Kerri Chandler. For most people he is the guy you get to know when you buy your first house record. Kerri ended up jamming his piano on my last record (!!). In the middle of his set Bluey (Robinson, red) spontaneously picks up the mic and sings an amazing freestyle. Straight goosebumps.


Jumping in during ADE

This story you probably haven’t heard yet. I was in my car driving back home after leaving the ADE party early (five-ish), when i got a call by the programmer of RADION. He asked me to come back and take over for Ryan Elliot as he unfortunately could not make it to the show in time. I turned the car around and drove back, speeding. All of a sudden I got pulled over by the cops! Shit. I explained the situation, they checked my ID and let me go! The guys wished me good luck and a few minutes later I found myself in the booth, nailing the gig. Unreal.


Lil Louis

Last but not least: the night I got to play with Lil Louis. It started out with mixer problems which got me stressed out, but Louis helped me out and stood by my side nodding his head as I played my first tracks. I felt so humbled by this master, and it gave me endless energy for the rest of the night.

I got so many more memories though. I must mention the Kingsnights with Lakuti & Tama Sumo. It seems to have become a standard for our Kingsnight events. The vibe is so amazing during all of these nights in the Bovenkamer. Ok, it might’ve just become the big six. But I could not leave this lovely pair out. :-)



De Sluwe Vos


Miss Djax


Blithesome Sprouts


Grace Dahl




Niels Klein

Pablo Diskko

Spaceandtime b2b Secret Guest



Wendel Sield

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