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No matter who you're asking, it'll always be a near to impossible task to pick your favorite Kerri Chandler tracks from his rich discography. Even the man himself could possibly have a hard time doing so. But since our resident Wendel Sield is a passionate Kerri fan and is warming up the dancefloor for him this Friday, we've asked him to do the impossible and select a few of his favorite records from the House legend. 

Kerri Chandler (ft. Dee Dee Brave) – Mookies Bio (Bassmental EP, 1998)

This is my jam. People who know me can confirm I always carry this one in my record bag. Mookies Bio got me through my first break up. The raw drums meet emotional keys, this record brings you from sad to joyful to acceptance & closure in 6 minutes flat.

We All R 1 – Kerri Chandler (Street Musiq 1.0, 2003)

The amount of chunkiness on this prime cut to me is classic Kerri Chandler. The soul enriched pads combined with a slapping bass is just heavenly. As the vocals slide in after a few minutes it sets the crowd leveled and locked in ecstasy.

Worlds In Fear – Kerri Chandler (Purple Wall EP, 1998)

The unmistakable bump on this jam lifts people's spirits with ease. It relies on a strong percussion rhythm and stabby keys to set the mood. It's flavored with a few sprinkles of Latin, and topped off with a acid-like shot. I would call it a ‘certainty’ in my record bag. You just know it does the work.

Intro – Kerri Chandler (Computer Games, 2008)

Probably the record I’ve played most over the years. A little harder to find for the old school people as its only been released digitally. This iconic record blends with almost anything you throw at it.

The Machine – Kerri Chandler (The June 23 EP, 2006)

You might have noticed I’m mostly into his streched out pad records. The warmth on this joint makes it a perfect closing hour jam. The upbeat gets countered by the minimalistic pads and sequence that enter further on in the record.

In Search Of Mr. Ford – Kerri Chandler (The Other Thing For Linda, 2004)

The more heavy side of the spectrum, on this record Kerri uses a phat clap to emphasize the kick. As the melody rolls in it softens the first part and turns from dark underground to slightly more uplifting, even gospel-like.

Dreamscape – Kerri Chandler (The Mood EP, 1998)

Dreamscape takes things in a softer direction with the melodies as smooth and sweet as ever on top. A really nice built and laidback feeling to this record. As the garage like drums pound in, this one is a true masterpiece.


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