Mon 26 Mar

Jan Schulte aka Bufiman aka Wolf Muller aka Goofy Man aka the guy with countless aliases, regardless of what you call him or know him for, the Düsseldorf native brings forward a distinctive sound. He combines the art of making music with a proper dosage of humor (look into the meaning behind some of his aliases) and a hint of sharing knowledge while DJing, and coming Friday will be no exception. Alongside Schulte, one of Rotterdam’s finest differs Afrobot will also take the record players for a spin. We asked Radion Regular Perdu, who’s also on DJ duty this Friday, to pick some of his favorite Bufiman & Afrobot tracks, in no particular order (as that would be way too difficult).

Bufiman – Bufi To Body

No matter what time you’re playing this cut during a set, it always fits! It’s just that much of a killer track. The dynamics between the electro & break elements keep it (and therefore the dancefloor) rolling and moving. 

Wolf Müller & Cass – Glade Runner

I often put on this EP as the soundtrack of the early mornings. This is the only Wolf Müller aka Jan Schulte vinyl record I own, but let’s keep that on the down low. As with other tracks in the ‘early mornings’ OST, this EP fits perfectly in an opening set.  

Afrobot - Changes

This Afrobot edit samples and chops rock elements in such a way it becomes a great peaktime record. Throwing in the vocals of Doc Holliday is like the icing on the cake.

Jan Schulte - Tropical Drums of Deutschland

I was looking forward to this Music For Dreams compilation. A tranquil left-field & world music inspired tracklist, containing two edits by the man himself, which are a bit more vigorous and very suitable for the dancefloor. ‘At the Water Hole (Wolf Müller Edit)’ is the one!

Bufiman - Peace Moves (DJ Normal 4 Ever Armistice Mix)

It’d be impossible to exclude the Peace Moves EP in list. The entire EP was played inside out and was heard everywhere last Summer. I don’t think it needs any elaboration, but the DJ Normal 4 Remix is a personal favorite! 

Dig the sound? Bufiman, Afrobot & Perdu make sure it'll reach your ears this Friday.