Wed 13 Jun

Mercal is a household name at RADION. While he's doing the most with his Second Wave events, he'll also be present next to Borusiade & MAYO this Friday. We asked him a favor to introduce those unaware to the headliner Borusiade. He listed 5 tracks below for our 'REGULAR'S PICKS' segment. 

Borusiade - Spellbound

Maybe on of her most popular tracks so far, but definitely not without reason. I play this out a lot because it really sets a mood, one that very much fits my palette. 7 full minutes of dark cinematic sound waves, never really holding on a to certain style, it goes all over the place.  

Dollkraut - Have I Told You (Borusiade Remix)

Great remix, on a crazy remix compilation, for an even crazier album. The combination of Dollkraut and Borusiade in a track title should speak for itself. 

Borusiade - Not Harmed

An uncompromising tension builder that is bound to work up the floor. One of the great examples that shows how she takes the listeners on surprising detours between styles, love the versatility. 

Borusiade - Sympathy for the Suspicious

A slow burner that sucks you up into it's atmosphere. When the pads come in it really starts to take shape, back to that signature dark cinematic feel that Borusiade has on most of her tracks. Eerie stuff.

Borusiade - Feelings Of Entropy

"Long-forgotten heartbeats pound loud in the night, from a storytelling memory, the streetcar's lights approaching and blinking in my eyes" ... "Embrace this war, you've seen it coming." I'm particularly picky about vocals on tracks, but this one is a good example of what I like about vocals. Apart from the vocals this track kind of gets me in the same mood as the Hard Pill soundtrack bij Vercetti Technicolor, it has a same kind of feel to it. An 80's nighttime "up-to-no-good" driving kinda feel. 

Catch Mercal alongside Borusiade & MAYO this Friday!