Thu 12 Apr

While Nuno Dos Santos was making waves in Amsterdam (and abroad) 15 years back, a then young Bas Dobbelaer admired Nuno's sound so much, it inspired him to pick up DJing himself. Fast forward to next week: The two will spin together side by side during this month's Open-to-Close. It's a dream of every young DJ to play a back-to-back set with your hero. But doing so all night long is like the wildest dream. That's exactly what the protégé and mentor are going to do next week. For this special occasion, we asked Nuno & Bas over for dinner, as cooking, eating and DJing share resemblances. The two are featured in this month's edition of Open-to-Close Conversations.

Hey guys, bellies filled & well, let's dive into conversation. Nuno, how did you develop yourself as an artist? What did you learn along the way you want to pass along to Bas?

Nuno: I've always kept an open attitude towards developing, which starts with musical preferences. I love all forms of music, you can always find some interesting records in every genre. This helped me develop my sound as an artist and led me to discover a lot more. So I'd like to pass on to Bas to keep stay curious and keep an open mind towards developing (your sound). 

Alright! And Bas, as you're not going to slow down any time soon, how'd you like to develop your career further?

Bas: Good one. I completely agree with Nuno's advise to maintain an open mind, not only to to music, but to the people surrounding you as well. I gain a lot of energy from ideas and (background)stories from others and to hear what they're up to, whether it's music or not. I need those experiences and insights to keep on developing myself. Doing back-to-back sessions also belong in this category. Additionally, stepping out of your comfort zone is something I try to keep in mind as well, as it can lead to a lot of new opportunities. Even if it ends up being a mare's nest, you know what not to do in the future. 

Nuno, what are your thoughts on Bas' developments?

Nuno: I love that Bas is diving into Broken Techno, Breakbeats & Jungle recently. The last time we did a b2b together he played a couple broken tracks, which really inspired me. Bas keeps on growing as a DJ, so I'm looking forward what he's going to bring to the decks next week!

Moving on, as a DJ you're essentially a lone wolf. But both of you indicate that a sense of family and feeling at home are important to you. Could you explain why?

Nuno: Yeah, that's super important to me. You can sense a collective energy from the moment you enter a club, ranging from the bar staff to the technician, to the crowd and the security. I'm aware to this collectiveness and feeling that form of energy is important for a club night to me. You often see this during label nights, where artist mutually express the sense of family, to each other & therefore the crowd. A beautiful display. 

Bas: Yeah, sharing personal enthusiasm with someone might be one of the greatest feelings. Be it by talking for hours on end about that one perfectly mixed record, or by organizing a rave with your friends which completely escalates (in the most positive way possible). Sharing those moments of joy hold so much meaning to me. I think it works the same in a club that feels like your second home. It makes me feel comfortable & makes me strive to create (and share) that same feeling. 

In the last 20 years, the craft of being a DJ changed and gained a lot more side activities that influence your career. What do you think it'll be like being a DJ 20 years from now?

Nuno: This might sound corny, but sticking to the road your heart is leading you to is and still always be most important. All other side activities will find its place around that road. 20 years from now, I can't imagine but we'll see when the time comes, right?

Bas: The possibilities will always keep on expanding, but the basis will remain the same and this starts with yourself. By that time I'll probably have my own self-driving flying car that takes me to my gigs. Can't wait!

Catch Nuno & Bas playing back to back, opening and closing RADION coming Saturday, April 21st.