Tue 13 Feb

In our monthly Open-To-Close series, we’re inviting artist(s) for a special all night session where they’ll open up their musical soul & guide yours through the night. From start to finish, from open to close, nobody knows which direction it goes. 

For the February edition, Amsterdam-based (duo) Kamma & Masalo will demonstrate a wide range of sounds, blending & bending genres together, while presenting them in an original and truthful way. The perfect fit for the Open-To-Close evening, we’d say. 

We caught up with Kamma & Masalo to talk shop about their work ethic & connection.

Through out the years, have your record collections become similar?  Do you guys ever go digging together?

Masalo: Hey what’s up guys. First of all, thank you for inviting us for this all nighter. It’s an honour to play all night and we can’t wait to present all the colours & sounds we have in our minds! Getting back to your question, we have a separate record collection and we dig independently. 

Kamma: Actually we're really distinctive about it, it’s your own journey to find that particular jam or that jam that finds you. Funny thing though; we quite often come across the same records or artists eventually. 

Masalo: Probably somewhere down the road a subconscious process has been going on. We share the same roots when it comes to our musical taste and we’ve been exposed to the same music and vibes for the last few years, so it’s not uncommon that we dig the same record sometimes. 

Do you play each other's records?

Masalo: We do exchange music of course but we try to keep that to a minimum. I think that this is really beneficial to keep things fresh and diverse. We want to surprise each other during our sets, as well as the crowd. Regarding records, we don’t play each other’s. When we travel with only one record bag, our records are divided by a 12” wooden frame. Kamma takes the first half space and I the second. There's no trespassing beyond that wooden frame! Sounds pretty hardcore, but yeah, we like to have our own space as well. 

Kamma: When we know we both have a copy of a record, we'll check in advance who brings it so the other won’t. Only then the other is ‘allowed’ to trespass beyond the wooden frame and play that record ;-).

How does your strategy differ from when you play together vs. solo,  for example, who sets the tone for the night?

Kamma: Throughout the night we continually sense where the mood will go to and we’ll discuss briefly if we either go harder, or deeper, or, for instance, play more emotional or more rhythmical tracks. Sometimes we don’t talk at all and just let the records and flow speak for themselves. When I play solo I can think more steps ahead, but when you play with someone else it becomes more unpredictable and playful when the other throws a curveball. 

Masalo: There is no particular strategy, cause every setting is different. It’s all about opening your senses towards the dancefloor. For me, this is the same playing solo or together. We don’t set a particular mood for the night, cause we play from a broad pallet. I could play a disco song that kicks off the night and Kamma could drop in a techno slammer to take it to another level. When you know your music well, you’ll make it work.

How do you divide the work when you’re doing a back-to-back set?

Kamma: There is no division in work, it goes naturally. We always do 1 on 1, the rest is open. 

Masalo, you also produce music, anything new we can expect for the all-nighter? 

Masalo: Yes, for sure. I just received the mastered files from a forthcoming release on Rush Hour Music and can’t wait to play those! Also there is another track I’m really looking forward to play a called Lina, which some might’ve already heard in our recent sets. 

Do you have a lucky charm (in any form) you always bring to a performance?

Kamma: I always bring some items that are functional to me and help me to perform better, like some basic medicines and an extra pair of contact lenses. When we play a very long set I’ll make sure some granola bars are packed. I love to bring bananas too, but they get so mushy when you forget to take them out of your bag after a week.

Masalo: That has happened several times! I still avoid some records cause the old banana fragrance is still in there ha-ha. So no bananas in the bag anymore for me. There are some rituals, but no physical items. I know tomato juice makes Kamma happy though.

What record are you longing for to play at the Radion all-nighter on this Saturday? 


Serial Error - Drum Abuse

One of my favorite tracks that was released recently, can’t get enough of that acid driven beat.

Gallifre ft. Mondee Oliver - Don't walk Out On Love (Frankie's Club Remix)

That vocal of Mondee Oliver though!! I remember we’ve closed the night once with this track a couple of years ago at our Brighter Days party, and it was pure joy. Haven’t played it ever since so I can’t wait to play it again!

Masalo: Too many to choose from! But these come to mind.

Fountain of Chaos - Amaniyak Kree

This one is for taking it up a notch. 

Brainstorm - Journey To The Light (Danny Krivit edit)

7 minutes of slow burning gospel trance. Absolute brilliant re-arrangement by Danny Krivit. This will leave the dancers with more energy than they came in with. 

Catch Kamma & Masalo playing all night this Saturday.