Moody Mehran talks similarities between Project Pablo's and his approach towards music

Tue 20 Feb

The musical spectrum can't be wide enough for Moody Mehran, always diving deeper into styles he's interested in. This Friday, he's standing next to Project Pablo. The Montreal based DJ/Producer is inspired by the depths of the dollar bins and adult contemporary. His records, like Moody's, also cover a wide section of dance music and energetic subgenres. Aside from both having similar alliterated artist names (Moody Mehran / Project Pablo), it seems their musical spectrums show similarities too. Moody talks about these similarities below.

In what ways do you recognize yourself in Project Pablo?

I think Project Pablo & I both have a broad selection of dance music that gives our dj sets a similar diverse vibe. Nearly nothing is impossible within this spectrum. That’s also the reason why we asked him over. 

Project Pablo’s sets can have a lot of variety. Which is your favorite mix? And why?

His Sky Lounge Medley for Editorial Magazine is a great listen while being at work (but also perfect if you want to explore music in general). The mix starts off with some ambient & from there continues to move towards slow disco jams. He tops things off with melodic house, a great buildup!

Which mix by yourself comes the closest to the vibe of Pablo’s mix?

Probably this one I did for 3voor12. The aim was to show the diversity of my taste in music. I felt a bit more free to play different things. You'll find some ambient tracks, followed by a couple of disco records. Slowly I dove into house, with some Turkish influenced acid to spice things up. I think this approach reflects that of Pablo's too. 

FRI 23.02.18




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