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Many Techno-fanatics know him as the stoic and focused entity behind the decks or modulators or for his rich remix CV, but did you know Surgeon has done far more than just create inspiring Techno for the past 20 years? In the new 'Down Memory Lane' series, we're diving slightly deeper into the history of artists with a long-stretching career. 

The Early Days

Anthony Child grew up in Kislingbury, a village in Northamptonshire, England. His musical journey started around 1989, when he moved to Birmingham to study audio-visual design. Simultaneously Anthony started playing in a Jazz/Rock/Fusion band called Blim, where played the keyboards and utilized the analog sounds through tapes, FX, wibbles and samples (as seen far-right in the image below). You can check out Blim's album Zero / No Frills here


DJing & Producing

Already invested in the analog side of the musical spectrum, DJing was next for Surgeon, which he learned from his friend Paul Damage. At that time, there were no Techno clubs in Birmingham, but slowly things started to emerge. Together with his friends and peers Paul Damage, Sir Real (who also was a member of the band Blim) and Terry Donovan, Surgeon was at the core of establishing  the now legendary House of God, where he was playing regularly around 1992. 

In 1994, Surgeon released his eponymous debut EP on Downwards Records. Later three albums on Tresor would appear, numerous Counterbalance and Dynamic Tension EPs and LPs “Body Request” in 2000, “Breaking The Frame” LP in 2011, and “From Farthest Known Objects” in 2016. With countless quality remixes accredited to his name, Surgeon has perfected an uncommonly effective style of Techno, drawing inspiration for all shapes and sizes; from Chicago house, Techno and Electro, to non-musical works by Mike Leigh, David Lynch, William S. Burroughs and others. 

Surgeon also produced 5 banging tracks for the original soundtrack of the Playstation racing game Midnight Club: Street Racing. Others who also contributed to the soundtrack are Derrick May, Aril Brikha & Dom & Roland.

Risen from the underground: opening for Lady Gaga

This one might be the most unique and most interesting path Surgeon strolled through; a crossover trip from the underground. During pop-star Lady Gaga's artRAVE  2014 world tour stop in Birmingham, Surgeon appeared on stage to warm up the crowd with his signature Techno sound. In an interview with ElectronicBeats, Surgeon explained how and why it came to be, stating “It was important for us to present real Techno and not water it down."

Whether you know Anthony Child for his major contribution to the evolution of Techno, or for his more obscure projects, quality music is always central. Catch him this Friday at RADION. 

Header Photo: Surgeon at Squalor Studio, Kidderminster UK. 1993.

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