Thu 5 Apr

Rising doing-it-all DIY'ers yoyaku have been catching more and more attention over the past year. With minimal house, mellow moods and sly beats as their signature sound, the collective will make its Dutch debut April 20th. We spoke to head honcho Benjamin Belaga about yoyaku's origin & the exclusive yoyaku x RADION EP.

Hey Benjamin! Could you tell us about the origin story behind yoyaku?

Well, Varhat and myself launched the project 3 years ago. We had the idea of having different record labels with different styles under one overarching label. We decided to affiliate them as sublabels of yoyaku. This way we could combine the different styles we love. 

AKU for house & minimal, YoY for electro and techno and Joule Imprint for deep house and dub releases. You can see our full discography here. We really believe in ecclectism and in different musical genres, that's what yoyaku stands for. We're lucky to have the opportunity of expressing this interest with our record store where we have a lot of different kind of music in the vast electronic music field. 

Today with other artists who have joined us like Janeret, Roger Gerressen, Oshana, Zendid, Cabanne & Lowris, we have built a team where each artist have given a part of their identity to the project. Through the agency, we developed a way for all the artist to grow while still being within the same family, but also expand individually with their own separate projects.

Running a label, agency, record store and launching a distribution branch YYDistribution all at once was never something we expected. We've separated the activity of the distribution branch from yoyaku and are exclusively distributing 50 other record labels, aside from our own. All the different branches came little by little and we approached them with a "Do it yourself" way of thinking and were aided in this process by professional and willing people who joined us. 

For April 20th, you'll bring with you a special vinyl EP which will be available at RADION. What can we expect?

It's actually going to be the exclusive Split EP with tracks from Varhat & Janeret on vinyl. It's nowhere else available, neither online nor in our store. The b-side of the yoyaku x RADION EP will appropriately feature a personalized visual stamp, combining our logos. Making it even more exclusive. 

Catch yoyaku's Amsterdam debut April 20th.