Tue 22 May

This Friday, Danish DJ, model and producer Ida Daugaard is coming over to turn RADION inside out with her signature minimal sound. Ahead of the event, we caught up with her and asked her what's she's up to, her vision, her love for the twisted, trippy & timeless music selection & her other passion besides DJing: gardening. 

Hi Ida! You’re known as a master of minimal music, but 80s Synth Pop has a special place in your heart (and eardrums) as well. Is the recent (new) waves of Synth Pop influencing your sets at the moment too, or do you stick to diving deeper into the minimal genre?

I have only dived deeper into the minimal music the last years. At the moment I’m very much in love with the Romanian artists and music. It’s very groovy, sexy and so minimalistic you can mix the tracks together the entire time, it makes it a lot of fun playing, creating your own sound that way. 

We read somewhere that you enjoy taking care of nature by gardening & recycling. Aside from music, do you approach other facets of life in a minimalistic way too?

Gardening is still on a experimental level for me, but I’m loving it. Learning by doing, is the process I’m in. Making my own compost, living with zero waste and growing my own fruit and vegetables in my little summer house in Copenhagen makes me very happy. 

Yes I do like to live with a minimum, I’m not materialistic at all. I love that the smallest and often most simple things in life makes me the happiest. I definitely have a minimalistic lifestyle. I think I’m the girl I know that has the smallest wardrobe. Helping the planet/other people and animals, good food, music, love and inspiration is all I need in life.  

Does the DJ lifestyle – with all the touring and unregulated time schedules – fit that minimalistic way of living?

Traveling the world living in my suitcase has never been a problem for me. All materialistic things I need I can fit into my suitcase, so that is perfect :). The unregulated time schedules and sleep patterns can be hard and tiring.

What are your thoughts on the minimal scene in Amsterdam? Are you following what’s going on & how does it stack up to other cities you like to perform?

I follow the dutch label series called One on Bla Bla music, Jelly Beast Rec and artist like Ferro and Sander Ellerman. I’m not much aware of the minimal scene in Amsterdam, but I know there is a party series called VBX, it looks very interesting and they have many of the artist playing I usually play with at Club Der Visionaere in Berlin. It will be my very first time playing in the city and I heard many good things about Radion so I’m very much looking forward to the 25th May.

In general the minimal music scene is one of the smallest within the electronic genre in most contries around the world, but I feel it has been growing a bit the last few years. 

How’s your music production going?

I’m still working on it. Being a good producer takes many years I believe and I am a perfectionist, so there is still a long time til I will be ready with my first EP.

Coming to a gig, what’s one the thing you never leave without?

A excited and slightly nervous smile on my face, wondering what I will walk into and how the night will end.

Catch Ida, alongside Sauerkraut & MØRSE this Friday at RADION.