Thu 29 Mar

Colorful kimonos, Asian lanterns & smiling faces, these things come together at Het Syndicaat 百, a playground for grown ups! We talked shop with Het Syndicaat 百, about their spot in the city's nightlife, their sound, the playful element in their events and, of course, kimonos.  

Hi! Could you explain a bit about which spot Het Syndicaat 百 fills in the nightlife of Amsterdam?

Het Syndicaat 百 is a loving countermovement where we encourage people to create colorful experiences, to take on an adventure during which they’ll make contact to both others and themselves. Well, at least, that’s what we’re aiming for hahaha!

The nightlife in Amsterdam can loosen up a bit more, it can be more colorful. We’re creating a warm bath where people can submerge themselves in these elements and be whoever they want to be. The philosophy of Het Syndicaat is very much in line with an old Chinese proverb by Confucius: “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

Influences from Asian cultures seem a recurring theme to Het Syndicaat 百. Where does it originate from?

The mysticism of Chinese and Japanese art, architecture & philosophy is very enticing to us. First off, we’re infatuated by kimonos, but you can see the asian influences back in various other ways too: from the promo videos for which we use old Chinese & Japanese movies to the (stage) decoration. Wearing a kimono, though, turns yourself into a fancy artwork that brings about freedom & positive emotions. The more colorful the crowd – in the broadest sense of the word – the more colorful the party is. Kimonos have this mystical power to enhance this feeling.

What does the ‘百’ (meaning 100 in Chinese) stand for in your name ‘Het Syndicaat 百’? 

During Bungalup we hosted multiple legendary afters with different groups of friends. We think everybody who went to Bungalup visited one of these magical sessions. The last one we held had the address number 100. It ‘goosebumps us up’ every time we’re talking about it, still to this day. So, with ‘百’ we’re honoring that period. Never forget where you came from! 

How would you define the sound of Het Syndicaat 百?

The sound is ‘dancefloor-killer’ focussed. Nothing feels better than losing yourself on the dancefloor. It’s difficult to describe, as it’s a feeling, but here it goes: cheerful yet filthy & danceable electronic music. It doesn’t feel right to pigeonhole our sound this way, but you can’t deny it feels like a very cozy pigeonhole hahaha.

April 14th, RADION will be turned into a playground, for adults. Is that something from your past that you can’t let go?

There’s nothing more fulfilling than roaming around at a party of festival. The dancefloor serves as the (home)base, but it’s also nice to have a setting where you can wander around exploring the nooks & crannies, find yourself in conversations with unfamiliar friends or just to catch a breather. With this in mind, we came up with the idea of the playground, where you can replenish before you take another deep dive into the bath – the dancefloor that is – to tear it up once more.

That sounds very tempting. What sight are you looking most forward to April 14th?

Seeing RADION’s Bovenkamer packed with everyone dancing & intermingling with one another. Individuals who’re smiling & having fun, together forming a crowd with the same overarching smile. That’s love. An eye-catchy sight we could enjoy for days on end!