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The French-born DJ and producer Birth Of Frequency is one of the leading lights from the new Techno generation. Interested in innovation and nostalgic side of the genre, Birth Of Frequency aims to contribute and strive Techno forward – which he undoubtedly already did both through his (live) sets and various productions. In light of his invitation to this Saturday's Eigengrau event at RADION, we chatted it up with the Construct Re-Form label affiliate.

Hi Simon! Eigengrau has a unique concept, combining art with music and centered around a specific theme. This time it's facing the absence of light. Do you have a track that fits Eigengrau's ethos?

Off top, the first thing that comes to mind would be Stanislav Tolkachev - Heartbeat. The atmospheric soundscapes are contrasted by the chaotic percussions, fitting for the depths of darkness and the absence of light. 

Techno can be expressed in various styles. How would you describe the way you present the genre?

You know, naturally I ask myself this often. And for quite some time I couldn't find an answer, up until recently. For me, the most important aspect is to emulate music that comes from the heart. It's not necessarily a way of presenting. Personally, it starts a step earlier in the process, which is an internal approach straight from the heart. 

What are your thoughts on the Techno scene in Amsterdam?

You guys have a wonderful scene here in the Dutch capital, I enjoy seeing the way organizations like Eigengrau are exploring fresh ways to approach clubbing and therefore Techno. A lot of great clubs and festivals, not to mention the labels! Amsterdam has always been and will always be a breeding ground for the Techno scene. From personal experience, I can safely say the city's great atmosphere is what provides this breeding ground. 

If there should exist a perfect sound, what would that be to you?

I can't give just one answer, this is a twofold. If we're talking about production, I think a 'universal' perfect sound doesn't exist, it al depends on taste, preference, past experiences, inspirations etc. Additionally, mixing, sound design and all other parts of the production process are very personal to me. But if we're talking about the sound that emulates the productions, such as in a club, that'd be easy: Not too loud and not too much bass. There should be an harmonious sound in every club :^)

If you were to host an event, what would be your ultimate line-up?

Ah yes, one of those unanswerable questions ha-ha. We all know it's hard, but I'll give it a go, in no specific order.

Chris SSG
ENA - Live
Peter Van Hoesen - Live
Objekt b2b Ben UFO

This is what comes to mind right now. So of course, this is subject to change over time. 

What are the 3 most exciting records in your case?

Good one! At the moment I really like to play two specific records and one whole album. The latter is Skee Mask's Compo album on Illian Tape. The former two are listed below. 

Ploy - Salsa One Five [Hessle Audio]

​Yogg – Yo Mama [Parallax Records]​

What about those records you really want to play but somehow don't fit?

The latest EP from ENA on Field Music. There are such great records, but damn hard to play 

Catch Birth Of Frequency playing his signature sound at Eigengrau this Saturday. 


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