Thu 15 Mar

To some a Friday or Saturday night wardrobe crisis right before heading to a club. A solution? Prepping your weekend fit, perhaps? Taking a bit more time, maybe? This struggle caught the attention of Alter Ego and they came up with the most creative solution yet: Heading over to RADION in your casual togs and picking your nightly outfit from extravaganza and festive wardrobe Alter Ego has lined up for you! This aspect is at the core of the Alter Ego events. From the same vessel which events like Shoeless, Daybreak & Confetteria came, Alter Ego's annual Feast Of Fools event will return to RADION April 1st. We caught up with Nanna, Emmeline & Bas to talk shop.

Hi Bas, Emmeline & Nanna! Could you explain a bit about the power behind annual events, bringing people’s alter ego's together?

Bas: Dressing up together at the moment you arrive somewhere gets everybody out of their comfort zone (in a good way) and breaks the ice immediately. From that moment on, people interact more, strangers become new friends and the people you came with are never to be seen again. The synergy it creates is unique and resonates through the entire night. Especially because we take very great care in building up the energy through art and music in the different rooms.

What’s the philosophy behind changing into your alter ego for a club night?

Bas: Alter Ego derives from Latin and literally translates to 'other me'. It's about showing people that you can discover your other inner self, be the identity you could or want to be and feel totally free. 

After throwing on costumes and dancing nights away for 8 years, what are some of the most memorable highlights you recall?

Nanna: The first edition was in 2013 in a Chinese restaurant that turned around slowly (just like Adam Toren does). We booked NU and Acid Pauli, who both never played in the Netherlands before. With only a few hundred friends of friends, an overload on costumes, the night was definitely one for the books. 

The two years after that legendary first night, we struck down in the industrial hotel/restaurant Goudfazant, between the posh classic cars. Throwing parties in restaurants are almost always a no go, but luckily we were an exception to the rule (as with the first one). At the end, the staff of the Goudfazant had a true ball, just like us. A (then) unknown guy called Satori played a beautiful live set.

Next up was the Toren (now Adam Toren), where we transformed the former lunch room of Shell into a warm bath filled with clothes and colors. Our all time favorite Lotti from Berlin with his set was the icing on the cake. He played such a different sound than others, so we all had to get into his sound, but when we did, the dancefloor was lifted even higher. 

Just like he did last year actually, when we asked him back, but this time in the RADION. My lord, what a set that was. One of our favorites ever played on our Alter Ego nights. 

So, venues play an important role to Alter Ego nights?

Emmeline: Definitely! We're looking to have the freedom to do things totally different than expected. A night out is an experience that is so much more then music and art. Every aspect you can think of is important. From the way the bar crew interacts with our audience and the type of drinks and food that is served, to the openness of the venue. That's what we like about RADION: it's a maze and it complements our philosophy of finding your alter ego. We're looking forward to return there next month and get lost in the maze. 

Alter Ego: Feast of Fools returns to RADION April 1st, with Stavroz (live), Viken Arman, Franca, Genii (live), Bikram Disco all night (Eric de Man & Aron Friedman), Kraut, Forest of Heroes, Enrique’s Groove & Josette Casette behind the decks.

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