Thu 1 Mar

Who knew the art of cooking and the art of making music were mutually related? Apparently RADION Resident and Depth Over Distance label owner Florinsz Janvier has his found the parallels between the two crafts. Last January, Depth Over Distance hosted an event at RADION with a (Depth Over) dinner preceding the club night. After the success, Florinsz will be returning with the same formula, but just a slightly different seasoning: hosting the dinner on the dancefloor! We asked Florinsz for a piece of mind about these parallels between music and food.

Hi Florinsz, before we dive into your theory about the parallels between music and food, could you explain how the Depth Over Dinner in January came to be?

It was never my intention to combine the two, but the circumstances made it that way. Since my birthday is the week after New Year's, not a lot of people feel like doing something. On top of that, I'm not the biggest fan of celebrating and giving parties. It just feels egocentric. But as a DJ I link the event in January to my birthday and combine it with a dinner prior to it. Then all of a sudden it becomes a New Year's reception, which makes it more about getting together. This year I didn't wanted to do so, though. But RADION suits itself perfectly for a club-dinner combination and it motivated me to host the Depth Over Dinner. 

So the club-dinner concept was created by accident, due to your birthday getting a bit out of hand?

Yeah and last month was such a unique event, that we're going to step things up a notch next Saturday by moving the dinner from the Expo to the actual club itself! Bringing the two things I love – cooking and music – even closer together. I think this could even be more special, because we're creating a vibe in the same room where we'll be dancing to the records played by Lazare Hoche & Ben Buitendijk (& myself). 

You mentioned your passion for cooking and music and you see some parallels between the two. Which ones do you see?

Making music and making food is almost one and the same. You start with a couple of base ingredients. How you combine these ingredients and which seasoning you're adding is metaphoric for making music. If you want to add a lot of different ingredients to your dish, you need to have in-depth knowledge of what works together and what you're doing. Otherwise you'd have either tastes from all the ingredients, or none at all. It's the same when you're making a very layered track. And the best dishes (& tracks) use only a couple of ingredients that are refined very well. 

So the kitchen and the studio are the same thing to you?

Yeah, and you can even hear it back in the lingo: 'Mixing', 'spicing things up', 'that sound needs to be a bit nastier', 'it can be a little more raw'. So whether I'm in the studio or cooking up something in the kitchen, the mentality and the feeling is the same. I'm in the zone and I'm creating experiences for different senses: music for the ear & food for the tastebuds. 

Is the process of making either music or food one and the same as well?

To me, music has more freedom, as I mostly cook recipe-based, but I'll give my own swing to it. But come to think of it, with music it's actually the same: you have your 4-on-the-floor, snare & hi-hat (or something else) recipe which you'll –quite literally– give your own swing to. I didn't look at it this way, but the resemblances are more striking than I thought. 

And you're bringing the two even close together March 10th!

Yeah, I hope this one will exceed the success of the last one as well! The dinner is not something I see Depth Over Distance doing every time, since it's more about music. But having the opportunity to eat dinner with friends on the dancefloor of RADION is too unique to pass on!

Want to join the Depth Over Distance crew for dinner? Grab a ticket here.