Mon 19 Feb

B-side: The side of a single regarded as the less important SICK one. With this as their motto, the B-side crew is celebrating the unsung face of a vinyl record during their events and platform. Their 5th installment takes place this Saturday and they've invited a DJ who's no stranger to their motto: Intergalactic Gary!

We caught up with the B-side crew and asked them why Intergalactic Gary fits their concept so well.

Jurre – “A perfect fit”

We’re all familiar with that feeling: You’re in a club and hear a track which you just HAVE TO KNOW! Intergalactic Gary likes to play unknown rarities, usually unable to find through Shazam. If I ask him about some of the tracks he played the previous night, he always replies: “Hello Jurre, how nice to hear you like my tracks” – and always gives me all the info about the records I was longing for. He is just the sweetest guy. 

B-side stands for sharing music and is built around the Facebook group ‘Sicke b-sides’ where people post their favorite b-sides. I’ve found so many new labels, tracks and artists through our platform. John is also all about sharing his music, which makes him and B-side seem like the perfect fit. 

Noer – “On my wishlist since 2016”

I immediately became a fan the first time I heard Intergalactic Gary play at Strange Sounds From Beyond back in 2016. He played such a specific sound that I didn’t know I loved up until then.  

When we started B-side, Intergalactic Gary was the first name that came to mind because he introduced me to a totally new genre: electro/Italo/acid. It opened so many new doors to me. This is exactly what we want to do with our events and platform. 

Willemijn – “The signature hand move”

We book artists that stand out for being different, who care more about their artistic creations than about likes, shares and hit parades. We book artists that ARE the ‘b-side’. 

Have you seen Intergalactic Gary’s Boiler room from 2014? Do yourself a favor and drop everything now. Hit play and scroll to 45:15 where he mixes the ultra sick 1982 Italo track ‘Transeuropa Express’ (YES, it’s a b-side!!) by P.L., right after the 1987 ‘Housenation’ by House Master Boyz. 

It’s these transitions, these tracks - older than most of you are on this planet, fresher than most music from last week’s hit chart. Oh and most definitely, it’s the signature hand move (see at 44:54). He just knows exactly what he’s doing. He stands out. Out of this world: Intergalactic! 


Nacht voor de Nacht | Franck Roger, Mark Antoni & B-side

Intergalactic Gary (Intergalactic FM, Den Haag)
cosmox (The Crave, Den Haag)
Marc Leerink (ELEVE, Berlin)
Jurre Veen (B-side)

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