Adriana Lopez talks Latin-American roots, productions & Techno

Mon 26 Feb

The Bogota born, Barcelona based DJ & producer Adriana Lopez has become one of the defining acts of the Spanish techno scene. Having developed her skills as a DJ back in the Colombian capital, Lopez took influence from the early Detroit & UK techno scenes and moved to Spain in 2002, where her work began to make a significant impression. She hasn't played in the Netherlands that often, so Eigengrau inviting her over this Saturday is something quite special. (Fun Fact: The last time Adriana was in town, she was booked by the guys from Konstrukt, who're also on the bill this Saturday). We caught up with Adriana, asking her about her roots, productions and, of course, Techno. 

Hi, Adriana! How did you stumble upon your sounds and in what way does your Latin American roots influence your set?

Growing up in Colombia, a country with a wide variety of musical traditions, brought me into contact with music since a very early age.  Music plays a very important role in Colombian society as it’s present everywhere all the time.  So in this sense, I would say that my Latin American roots have certainly awaken my interest for music and rhythm.  However, this has no direct influence on my DJ sets or my productions as the type of sound that I like comes from a different perspective.  It was in my teenage years that I came in contact with alternative rock and electronic music through radio stations and specialized TV channels.  It was these genres that struck me and really grabbed my attention.  

Techno can be expressed in various styles, how would you describe the way you present Techno?

It’s a very personal matter.  It’s how you feel the music.  I would say that Techno needs to be presented with passion…  It’s a journey so you have to bring people with you and tell your own story.

"Eigengrau is the uniform dark gray background that many people report seeing in the absence of light. But perceived as lighter than a black object in normal lighting conditions. Because contrast is more important to the visual system than absolute brightness." Do you have a track that fits in the ethos of Eigengrau?

One of the most recent tracks that springs to mind is “What Lies Behind” (Semantica 101 - ‘Arquitectura del Sueño’). It’s dark but captivating at the same time, that's why I think it fits the Eigengrau ethos.

How has the Techno scene evolved since you started and in what ways does it keep you excited?

Over the past few years Techno has gained popularity so it’s essential that it doesn’t lose its rawness and authentic energy.  What keeps me excited is the search of new sounds, new gear, new ways of creating and recording… Playing for different crowds, in different places and different atmospheres.  Techno allows me to express myself freely, translating my personality into the music and sharing my feelings with the people.  That’s what I like the most.

What are you up to lately, production-wise?

I've got some new music coming up. My track ‘Last Path’, which was recently featured in the Fabric 96 Mix CD, is going to be out next month on DVS1’s Misstress imprint. I’m also working on an EP for a label where I’ve previously released some music and recording new material for Grey Report.  Lastly, there’s a remix that'll be out soon on a Swedish label for its 15th anniversary. 


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