Thu 14 Dec

In preparation of the night dedicated to the flipside of a record, we asked Lux and Pasiphae about their all time favourite B-sides.


Known for her time with Giegling collective, her sets at Leipzig's Conne Island and Institut fuer Zukunft (IFZ) and obviously her overwhelming set at last summer's Nachtdigital. Lux' trippy elegant sets are all about the little dubby details but never fail to set the true party vibe. These are the five B-sides she loves the most.

A good friend of mine and me were driving through California while listening to this track.

I love the tragic mood of the synths. It brings me so much energy.  It’s one of those tracks that would make me dance at any time.

Couldn’t believe it when I heard this one for the first time at a friend’s place. It’s one of my favs now. Thank you Pete!

There are overwhelmingly good producers in Leipzig who deserve much more attention. QY are one of them.

For me, this is one of the best tracks of Andy Stott. So sick.


We've been following her radio shows on Intergalactic FM for a while and saw her impressive set at Whoosah last September. As big fans of her productions with Intergalactic Gary on BioRhythm, we are thrilled host Pasiphae's first ever set in Amsterdam. Scroll down for her favourite B-sides.

It's the last track of the Soul Mining LP release of The The in '83. The most uncompromised track of the album. What makes it really stand out for me is the marimbalike riff, it really gives me the feel of a sandy tropical beach full of cells and corals! Also the percussion & the vocal chant on the break are very unique and beautiful.

Discovered Victrola the first time i got to listen to the Despair Mix of Intergalactic Gary. It is around 70 minutes long and starts with this track. I think I had goosebumps throughout the mix, but i got them since the very beginning because of this track. The depth of it, the beautiful melancholy, the catatonic and monotone vocals. A real piece of art!

A very intense track made by one of my most talented friends with the addition of the stunning pitch dark vocals of Venus Volcanism that come as a bonus, totally unexpected. Great drive.

One of my favourite recent releases. I love the depth of it, the feel, atmosphere, dance-driving drums and hypnotic synths. Plus the sampled "All the animals come out at night" coming straight out of the "Taxi driver" movie with Robert De Niro - top movie too.

Disco has always been there for me. I grew up with a lot of disco playing on the radio, mainly italo but also American, Spanish and German. When I talk about my favourite disco tracks, this one has to be there! That euphoric feeling I always get when I listen to it, the elements of the track, everything about it. Such great synthesis can never get old. ❤

Catch you on the flipside. ;-)