Tue 17 Oct

Leading up to the Amsterdam Dance Event, we're interviewing a selection of artists from our line-up. In our fourth and already last edition, we grill Berlin based Dana Ruh about pre-show rituals and studio gear.

How has your day been so far?
So far, so good! I had good night sleep, a yummy breakfast and to top it off I got a brand new jacket in the mail. I also just got back into working out which really gets me motivated to take on the day . How was yours? ;-)

Do you have any (weird) habits to prepare for a show?
I tend to become very quiet and lose my appetite when I get excited for a gig. Sometimes I can’t even eat a proper meal so I only eat starters beforehand. I also like to give myself a little peptalk, haha. But nothing weird in the sense that I have a lucky doll that I have to touch before I play.

What is the first record you ever bought?
Flying High by Byron Stingly (Nervous records). I bought it together with a Nervous Records t-shirt in a shop called Undergrounder in my hometown Gera. That store is responsible for me starting to collect records and getting into DJing.

What would be your ultimate line-up?
I love it when a line-up mixes techno and house. Variety is key! In my opinion, the line-up that Resident Advisor made for ADE is amazing. If I had to make up my own, I think it would be interesting to put together Moodymann, Ricardo Villalobos, Joey Anderson, Dorian Paic, Galcher Lustwerk, Barbara Preisinger and Kamran Sadeghi.

What does your studio look like?
I just have the basics: MPC, Virus, JOMOX 999, Roland Aira, computer. Someone just borrowed me a 303 to record some sequences. My Mac recently crashed so I had to go back to my old PC. It all worked out for the better though: I found some old projects on that computer and they are actually quite nice.

Something you always carry with you?
I always need to have my phone, some headphones, a newspaper, a notebook and a pen. I like to be able to write things down that randomly come to mind.

What are you going to do after ADE?
I’m going back home to Berlin to finish some tracks and record vocals with a singer. Then it’s time to prepare for my Australia tour. Something I’m super excited for since I’m going to be in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and even New Zealand, Auckland. When I’m done touring, I’m going to take a break to do an Ayurveda treatment.

Dana Ruh will be working her magic during our ADE Saturday | Resident Advisor Night.

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