ADE interview 03 | Project Sugar

Wed 11 Oct

Leading up to the Amsterdam Dance Event, we're interviewing a selection of artists from our line-up. Today we present you with our third edition, in which Project Sugar spills the beans about secret dance moves and beer bottle scratching.

How has your day been so far?
Cesan: I’ve been enjoying a nice and quiet weekend. The last couple of weeks have been a little hectic as I’ve been very busy with work, not to mention ADE. Luckily, I finally had a weekend off.

Thara: It’s been great. I got to sleep in and I had some lovely fried eggs. Gotta love breakfast.

Stefan: Very good! Working hard in preparation for ADE. Looks like this year will be even bigger than last year. I’m very excited for this one!

What is the last record you bought?
Cesan: Yesterday, I went to the market to get some breakfast. There’s a small shop behind the stalls which sells anything from antiques to records. I found two records: one by Willie Burns and West Side Sessions by Da Sampla. I try not to buy records if I can get them digitally, but  I got both for 8 bucks, which was cheaper than my breakfast ;-).

Thara: E L O N - Concupiscence EP. I took this record home because of its deep, layered sounds. It's tight and each track is an artwork of its own.

Stefan: That would be The People in Fog - Last Song EP. A killer release, Sound of Vast never disappoints.

What do you do when no one is watching?
Cesan: I probably shouldn’t tell you. If I told you, I might as well do it when everyone is watching, which would then completely defeat the purpose. You feel me?

Thara: Put on a silly hat! I love to dance when no one is watching. I definitely have some secret dance moves up my sleeve that no one has ever seen me do. Except maybe the speakers in my living room.

Stefan: I can get lost on Youtube for hours: searching for music, watching funny videos or learning about our universe.

What is the worst show you ever had?
Cesan: There was this one time when we played a rave that took place under a highway. Pitch black, graffiti on the walls, proper Blade vibes. When we emerged out in the daylight a day later, every one looked like they had been working in a coal mine. When I got home I realised all my records looked exactly the same. The dust completely ruined some of my most precious records :-(.

Thara: I was spinning around 7am for a full room. A friend of mine sat behind me in the booth, even though I had asked him not to. Suddenly the music scrambles and weird scratching sounds go through the club. I look at my record players and my friend had put his beer on the record that was playing! These things only happen at after parties…

Stefan: That time I pulled out the wrong plug. Turned out to be the power plug for the CDJ that we were using. Oops!

What are you going to do after ADE?
Cesan: I will be doing some travelling in the next couple of months, something I’m really looking forward to as well.

Thara: One of my best friends is getting married abroad (the guy who put his beer on my record) so I’m going on a little vacation.

Stefan: Go to the afterparty! And then sleep for two days, haha.