Tue 19 Sep

Leading up to the Amsterdam Dance Event, we're interviewing a selection of artists from our line-up. Second in line is Justin from the duo Mister Saturday Night. We find out what's on his wish list and whether he prefers Saturday or Sunday.

How has your day been so far?

It’s been good. My wife got back from Morocco last night. We have a two year old daughter so I have been single parenting for a week, which was fun. But this morning I got to sleep in until 8 AM which was great too.

What is the best way to prepare yourself for a show?

First off, I want to clarify that I never call my gigs a show since I’m not there to look at. As a DJ you’re pretty much invisible. In an ideal situation only the few people in front can see you. To prepare for a gig, I go to the studio, pull all the records from my record bag from the last gig and see whatever I feel compelled to continue to play. I pretty much always go through my entire collection and try to make a one hour mix. I’ll see how some tracks fit together but I never fully plan a set. I travel with records so I’m limited in a way but still, a set is always unique and is formed on the spot depending on people, feeling and time.

What is your idea of the ultimate line-up?

I prefer parties where one DJ or duo plays for the whole night. You get to go on an experience. It sometimes takes me time to get into a groove. If I have all night, I can take time to warm the dance floor up and take it different places. It’s the best expression.

Saturday or Sunday?

Sunday, although both have their benefits. Playing at nighttime is nice, but there’s something about Sunday afternoon. It’s a different kind of feeling. Even if it’s late on Sunday there’s a different spirit, people have to go to work tomorrow. The crowd is more diverse. There are older people and very small kids too. There was a period when a 97 year old went to our Sunday party every week. It’s always great when you have a dance floor with different types of people. If everyone is the same, you create a sense of what’s okay. If there’s a lot of different people, you follow the vibe of the room. You’re like: I’m going to let this go the way it goes. That's why I love New York: there are so many different types of people. You don’t get that type of diversity anywhere else. It’s very special.

Name one thing at the top of your wish list or bucket list at the moment.

We opened up an outdoor venue. Now we’re working on an indoor space. On the top of my wish list is to have the indoor space open and ready, have all the permits so we can actually have people in there.

What are you going to do after ADE?

After we play we go to the hotel, sleep for 2 hours, get on a plane and do the last Sunday party of the season.

Check out Mister Saturday Night during ADE Saturday | Resident Advisor Night

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