Skin + Body

Fri 7 Oct 23:00

We are very excited to announce the 3rd edition of SKIN. This will be a very special evening in many ways. We widen our scope, while still sticking to what we believe in; a welcoming, non-polarized dance floor.
On the 7th of October RADION will be in full effect and all rooms will be used. The main room will be focussed on experimental techno with hints of electro, acid, tribal and other mysterious sounds. The bovenkamer will be focussed on deep, hypnotic and powerful, high paced techno.

We believe dance floors should be for everybody. This time we take it to the next level by teaming up with BODY.
BODY: “With BODY, we want to create a party where all queer bodies feel welcome. Together we create a dance floor full of possibilities in which all bodies are treasured. Through music and dance we want to lift our bodies to unknown levels of joy, warmth and intimacy. To let go of everything we've learnt about how a body should be.

The music we bring is high energy, rave and uplifting. The room that we host in RADION is wheelchair accessible. In addition, we are thinking about ways to experience music with the whole body (and not only through our ears) for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, so we will plan an art installation with this theme in mind. During the night there will be enough light provided in the room hosted by BODY for people who communicate in sign language and for people with low vision*”.

*The main room and bovenkamer hosted by SKIN are not wheelchair accessible and don't provide extra light on the dance floor. Please contact us if you can not access the other two rooms so we can offer you discount tickets: wearebody.amsterdam@gmail.com.

Both SKIN and BODY are very much looking forward to this special edition in RADION.


Elisa Batti
Jaipa b2b WEES
Mary Lake
Tomas Weeda


Artwork by @osdorpfrenzy
Graphic design by @nvalenta
Logo design SKIN by @davehukom
Logo design BODY by @mxv.jpg