Sebastian Mullaert

Sat 9 Dec 23:00

Sebastian Mullaert is half of the infamous Minilogue project. He has a deep connection with music which can be traced back to his formative years; from playing the organ and violin as a child, to performing in orchestras, string quartets and pop bands and progressing into electronic music in his late teens. Discovering house and techno in the mid-nineties was the catalyst behind a revolution in his life. From that point onwards, he set out on a new musical pathway, to promote the simplicity of being. 

Throughout the late nineties he experimented with electronic sounds, forming cult duo Minilogue playing live across the globe and releasing two albums via Cocoon and countless EPs. In 2014, the duo decided to take a break and invest their time in solo projects and Sebastian has since been hard at work cultivating a collection of new music already snapped up by hugely influential labels. Local support comes from Mark Antoni and the The Tribe duo Christoffer & Nicholas.

[This special occasion has a limited capacity of 300 people]