RADION presents: A showcase with Kromanti

Sat 9 Jul 23:55

RADION presents: a showcase with Kromanti
SAT.09.07.22 | 23:55-08:00

Kromanti is a Surinamese word, and the meaning is protecting eagle. The Eagle is known as a powerful, beautiful and free bird.

The freedom Dove of Eerste Communie was a big inspiration to choose a bird as a symbol for Kromanti. The two owners from Kromanti are Gils Weerwind and Isabelle Ho Kang You, who are also part of the Eerste Communie team.

With passion for music and experiences in clubs and festivals around the world - Kromanti was born.

We are a booking and management agency for DJ’s and producers. The artists we are representing all have a specific and unique sound.

The relation between the meaning of Kromanti and the soul of the agency is that we are protecting and guiding our artists in their chosen path.

Autonomous and passion are our keywords, where the music always comes first.

Artwork by Jan van der Meeren