Kraft und Licht w/ CJ Bolland x HIS DARK Elements w/ PAG TLV

Sat 7 Sep 22:00

Now that the club season is approaching, two of the city’s hottest collectives will open RADION’s doors in September, to kick it off with a roar.

Kraft und Licht, known for their extravagant Sunday day-to-night raves, and nocturnal HIS DARK Elements are teaming up for a night full of good music and mischief.

It’s the right time for KUL to do something outside the usual, by taking over the Main Room and the Basement with a stellar line-up, while HDE brings out the deviant at the Bovenkamer with a party-within-a-party, featuring PAG TLV.

Both organizations bring their A-game to make sure this is not your regular club night. More info on performance acts, light installations and other fun stuff will follow soon.

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ MUSIC ///////////////

MAIN ROOM - Kraft und Licht

CJ Bolland (R&S Records)
Ici Sans Merci (AURA Amsterdam)
Jasper Pol (Kraft und Licht)
Subduction (Kraft und Licht)


Tal Maman B2B Rapha (PAG TLV, Chateau Royal)
E-bony (PAG TLV, Alphabet)
Pablo Diskko (HIS DARK Elements, In The Dark Again)
ILLEGAL / De Directeur (HIS DARK Elements)
Sector Y (Booma Collective)

BASEMENT - Kraft und Licht

Damon Arts (Destructive Creations)
Vesper (Boy Scouts, Origami Music Collective)