Fri 10 Feb 23:00

PAX-ROMANA emerges from within the ashes of the ancient to celebrate Lupercalia on Friday, February 10th.

Annually, Romans gathered to clash and rejoice with whips and bare skin. Covered in oil they ran bare-naked through the gates of the city. Residents were eventually sealed in nakedness and were all set to celebrate an otherworldly state of reality where physical dimensions are scattered to all ends. Throughout the dusk of the night, you will find yourself faced with a glimpse of lust.

Let the music be the remedy to your agony and live your darkroom fantasy inside the walls of RADION.

line up: Anouschka | Emily Jeanne b2b Shifted | Fadi Mohem | Julie | Nelly | Sandrien | Serti

Be extraordinary, creative, sexified, kinky, unusual, or insane, but most of all express your identity.