Märked: Countershades (Tim Tama & Falhaber) / Binny / Torgue

Sat 24 Nov 23:00

Born as a rave party in a city just an hour north from Amsterdam in 2015 - further evolved into a platform for music, artists and culture. Märked brings underground techno to light. Currently residing in the heart of Holland in Amsterdam West.

SAT.24.11.18 | Märked: Countershades (Tim Tama & Falhaber) / Binny / Torgue

On the 24th of November Märked showcases the Dutch premiere of Tim Tama and Falhaber as Countershades in Radion's concrete main room. Along with Binny, SDB, Rosh and Torgue - who will play his new live show - it promises to be a night full of highly energized techno.

▪ Countershades (Tim Tama & Falhaber)
▪ Rosh
Torgue (live)

Limited first round tickets for 15E ex fee.


24 Nov 2018 / 23:00 - 08:00