FURTHER: DJ Bone b2b Goldie

Sat 4 Jun 22:00

Two icons of Detroit Techno and Drum & Bass are set to collide in 2022 when two masters of their respective genres come together for their first ever B2B tour.

Goldie and DJ Bone have both become pioneering figures in underground electronic music through careers spanning over 30 years. Goldie not was not only a key innovator in Jungle and Drum & Bass at its inception in the early 90s UK rave scene, but also helped its emergence into mainstream popular culture via landmark releases such as his adroitly named debut LP, Timeless. DJ Bone is one of Detroit Techno's most iconic and authentic artists, who has been pushing the Motor City sound into new and thrilling territories with his own unique fast-paced and funky sound.

Now three decades into their music careers, each has maintained their position at the forefront of their genres, with Bone working on the final part of his Beyond album trilogy, and Goldie receiving acclaim for his new Subjective project with James Davidson.

While at first glance the combination of these two artists might seem like a clash of sounds & cultures, on closer inspection the stylistic common ground they share is as rich and deep as the friendship the pair have shared for years, always looking eachother up whenever they found themselves in the same city. With both based far away from their countries of origin - Goldie now at home in Thailand and Bone based in Amsterdam - finally the right moment has arrived for their talents to be creatively combined for the first time, with initial dates in the UK and Europe planned for early 2022 and perhaps some surprise guests appearing along the way.