FURTHER: Laurent Garnier

Sat 6 Aug 23:00

First meeting 25 years ago Bone and Garnier formed a long lasting friendship. Bone opened for Garnier in Detroit on a system which left a lot to be desired, both artists used innovative tricks to make it work, impressed by each others techniques a close bond was formed. Garnier told Bone that he should pursue a full time career as a DJ - much to Bones bemusement - and promising to bring him to Europe. Fast forward 3 months and Bone arrived in Paris to play his first international set at Rex club. Its this connection, formed on the dancefloor which captures the spirit of the DJ Bone & Friends, that carries through in the magical electric atmosphere which makes these parties unique.

For many Bone and Garnier acted as introductory points to the real underground electronic music scene and its testament to their credibility and that they remain so to this day. It is this sense of community and togetherness that captures the vibe and energy that make up the core principles that FURTHER is founded on.

With such a deep grounding in the scene and a wealth of records to draw from, Bone and Garnier will be digging deep into their archives for a rich array of music to soundtrack the 8 Hour session with the two of them rolling from opening to close.