Dutch Decompression 2019

Sat 9 Nov 12:00

Save the date for the Dutch Decompression; November 9 (and 10 and 11 if you’re wise). Dutch Decom: the only Decom you'll need decompressing from!

Our annual event reunites Burners from Burning Man, Where the Sheep Sleep and all other regional Burns.
Because Post-Burn blues is real and Default World can be a bitch..! So come celebrate, dance and express with us.

Day programme: Do you dream of fire, seductive performances and interactive artworks..?

Night programme: Dance the night away with DJs that keep your feet moving till the sun comes up..?

Unique location: Be wowed by multiple rooms, big and small, filled with exciting, surprising experiences complete with hugs from friends, old and new..?

All of this is possible, with your help!
Everything you'll see, hear and experience at the Dutch Decom is created and gifted by you, the Burner community. Do you have some sick Spinning skillz, are you an expressive Artist excited to share, or a Performer who takes breaths away...? This is your stage!

Keep an eye on this space, so you can put your most sparkly foot forward and feel the love in return!