DJ Bone’s Homeless Homies ADE 2022

Sat 22 Oct 12:00

We are elated to present you the return of DJ Bone's Homeless Homies fundraiser concept during ADE.

Homeless Homies' goal is to unite Electronic Music and community, helping the unhoused, one city at a time - from Detroit to Amsterdam and beyond.

During this event, DJ Bone and his friends, will be playing an 8 hour, 4 room, day-rave, making for a VERY star-studded line up.

All artists participating have donated their time, talents and are not compensated for the show.

Something new this year, djs and artists will be donating special bespoke personal and professional items, experiences, one on one time, etc. at our first HH silent auction, also during the event. Bidding starts from 1pm to 7pm, bidders must be present at the event; you will take home items you successfully bid-on by the end of the party.

All tickets and auction proceeds from this event will be donated across the international Homeless Homies foundation and Holland based homeless shelters.

🎟1st: release €30- | 2nd release: €35 | 3rd: release: €40*

*All tickets include a free Homeless Homies T-Shirt.

See you on the dance floor.