DJ Bone presents FURTHER: Future Grooves (A Journey Into Today's & Tomorrow's House Music)

Sat 8 Aug 20:30

Electronic music has always looked forward. As a movement that is so intrinsically linked to technology and innovation it never stands still, constantly evolving and regenerating as new artists come and go. With the Detroit Techno vanguard drawing early influence from the writings of futurist Alvin Toffler it is no surprise that the scene is always looking to what is coming next. With the globalisation of Electronic Music that has played out since the birth of the internet the traditional sounds have fragmented and taken new form as we see local scenes interact with globally recognised music structures spawning their own unique offshoots. At this week's Further Bone will take you through the Future Grooves, sounds which are bubbling up across the electronic music landscape.

Further sees Bone curating a series of weekly, intimate shows which will be diverse from what you would normally experience in the club. Taking the form of talks, audio visual shows and listening experiences - each will be completely unique - with shows taking place each Saturday. They will be documented for release to online at a later date, but for those attending the limited capacity event will get the full personalized experience.

Due to COVID-19 we are obligated to follow government guidelines to ensure everyone's safety. This ticket does not guarantee access. We reserve the right to refuse entrance based on these measures.