Alter Ego Night 2020

Sat 15 Feb 21:00

✧ There is no I in Costume // 2020 ✧

Dearest Alter Ego’s,

Brace yourselves, we’re back. And so is your other you.
On the 15th of February we’ll turn our labyrinth into a theatrical music wonderland.

Yes, after almost two years it’s time for our costumes to take a walk on the wild side.

Four floors, musicians, gateways, acts, stairs, gimmicks, lights and an opening show. So save the date, book your flight, take the train, hop on your bike. It’s absolutely necessary to unite.

Ticket sale start Monday the 23rd of December, 12.00 hours.
(To be an early-eccentric or not to be...)


Frequent Questions Answered:
✧ For every guest with a ticket we'll provide a costume for the night. You can choose it yourself.

✧ Between 21.00h - 00.00h you can change. Make sure you are in time. The process can take a while. But don't take too long, other Alter Ego's are waiting too.

✧ Interesting basics might be handy to bring along.
Stunning stylists will help guide you to find the perfect costume.
Once the process is complete, it is time to step in to your Alter Ego and rock the maze!

✧ At the end of the night you will return your costume to the ladies in charge or at a special box, change back into your clothes, and transform in to ‘yourself’ again.

✧ Yes, we have lockers!

✧ Opening show is around 00.30. DOORS CLOSE AT 0.00

✧ Note to yourself:
↬ Dress up hair and face
↬ This event always sells out, buy ticket if I want to go
↬ In the restaurant you will find some cute make-up artists, but
only at the beginning of the night
↬ Be in time, come early, doors close at 00.00h
↬ Respect the handpicked costumes
↬ Last but not least: think about your alter ego(’s) before you step into our zone.