A Call From The Dark: Belle and The Beats & MOUT (live) - Session 2

Thu 16 Jul 22:00


Sensual pop-noir: compelling beats, dark lyrics and hypnotic visuals.

The Amsterdam-based Belle and The Beats combines electronic sounds, oriental influences and dark lyrics. The melting pot that is Belle and The Beats creates unique pop-noir with an Eastern timbre: mysterious, dark and sensual with a feminist character. On the new single Habibi, Belle's mysterious vocals merge with the French-language rap of former Kyteman rapper Reazun. Habibi is the first single from the new album Qetesh that will drop later this year. The group, headed by producers duo Belle and Gil Lopez, is working on a full album with more exciting collabs.

The band released their debut EP Lose Your Feathers on 25 May 2018, with the two singles Soldier of the Night and Deeper. Music Maker Magazine gave a rave 4-star review. The singles entered the Spotify New Music Friday, New Alternative, Top New Releases and appeared on many blogs and concert reviews praising Belle and The Beats for their show and its exciting music and hypnotic visuals.

Raw and crispy analog sound with a massive low end, from dark ambient to hard techno.

Making techno for me is creating a correlated analog live mayhem in my studio and cherry picking the sparkles from that. Knobs are made to meddle with! The more non-conformistic and random the approach, the bigger the chance to bump into these lucky accidents that make a track exceptional. Expect raw crispy polyrhythmic rooted elements and a massive low end.

Session 2: 10:30 till 12 a.m.

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