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De Getver - Cleo Oetjens

RADION Café presents a new exhibition of De Getver, by Cleo Oetjen:

3 years ago, Cleo (19 years) started to experiment with outdated cameras, found in thrift shops.

She wants to capture an image through the noise around her and be surprised with the outcome of the final photo. A still frame of an eventful moment and what it can convey to others.

She started up 'De Getver' as an artistic outlet for herself, and to create a physical memory for her and her community. Everything she shoots, is in the moment and really carries a story. This makes it very special and personal. The reactions of others are priceless and only gives her more energy to develop it further.

“Naar de getver gaan”, means going absolutely wild on the weekends. The past months she tried to collect those moments and captured a visual story containing sweat, drugs and soundsystems.

Her photography tells a visual story about living a subversive life. She is combining underground worlds that can be polar opposites, think of differences in sexuality and artistic expressions, think of daring to express yourself and speaking up and still coming together.

On show until 9 June