Welcome to RADION Amsterdam, where individuality meets community and where sweetness meets rawness. Where everyone is to thrive and shine bright. Over the past five years, our Café has functioned as a communal living room to our neighbours, and our dancefloors have offered our visitors a space to meet and lose themselves simultaneously. RADION also means many different things to many people like you. It was the place where you celebrated your graduation over a ‘borrel’ with friends and where you had your first date; the place where you and your colleagues toasted on your company’s annual achievements and where you all participated in a deep house yoga workshop; the place where “the groom may kiss the bride” and where your child blew the out the birthday candles in one breath. It’s a place where people grow old but stay young together, and where beautiful memories are made. It’s a perfect place for you. Can you imagine it yet? We've created this new lookbook to give you an impression of the infinite possibilities we offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information at verhuur@radionamsterdam.nl.


A promotion? A birthday? Is it Wednesday?! There’s always something to celebrate, and we’ll happily do so with you. Take a look at our delicious selection of drinks and bites!

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In need of a homey, cozy ambiance for a celebratory lunch or dinner? Book a table in our Cafe, or in the case of a group > 40 people, we’ll host you in our Expo, where you can enjoy the same atmosphere but with more privacy. Check page 16 for more information on our kitchen.

Grote Zaal Grote Zaal 2


RADION is home to many dancers of all ages and backgrounds. Our Expo and Cafe provide the right ambiance for a party with your friends, as well as with Oma Truus and Ome Dirk. In need of a more raw, industrial vibe? Our club spaces can hold from 10 up to 640 dancers, and of course, it’s possible to rent a combination of our spaces. We will make sure to set you up with the right gear and DJ’s!

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Meetings & congresses

workshops - expos - press conferences - product launches - presentations

Ever heard of Neuroscience for Architecture? Accord - ing to this scientific domain, our authentic and flex - ible spaces can provide the perfect environment to boost innovation and creativity in your business meet - ing. The tall, open spaces hint at a sense of freedom of expression, movement and being, and are suited with full spectrum light bulbs that allow us to monitor light intensity and colour. Our cozy couches provide a comfortable feeling you cannot replicate in an of - fice. We can turn these features to our advantage and successfully boost creativity during your workshop. The flexibility and fluidity of the spaces, in addi - tion to the many entrances, allow for efficient lo - gistics and thus provide the perfect environ - ment for large expos and congresses. Moreover, with our high quality facilities and technical sup - port team, your presentations are in safe hands. During your event, we will serve you and your colleagues hot coffee and tea all day long, as well as delicious, filling meals and brain boosting snacks to keep the minds sharp.

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Exhibitions & culture

With many artists in our team, as well as in the surrounding Broedplaats ACTA, RADION has always been a place where ‘a little goofy’ and ‘a little different’ are welcomed and celebrated. We have hosted many cultural expressions over the years, such as exhibitions, art classes, live concerts and vinyl expos. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas. We will happily think along and work with you to match our spaces to your idea.


Facilities & hospitality

RADION has a capacity of 1600 m2, spaced out over five flexible rooms and two terraces. Each space has its unique atmosphere, and can be personalised through the perfect balance of mu- sic, light, decorations, and a selection of food & drinks. Whether you want to organise your wedding, a team building workshop or an expo, we will assist you to create the desired ambiance for you and your guests. The building contains many entrances and the spaces are fluidly connected, allowing for flexible logistics. This has allowed us to handle large productions efficiently.

Corridor 2 Corridor


De Grote Zaal - De Bovenkamer - Expo - Cafe/Restaurant - Foyer - Corridor

De Grote Zaal & De Bovenkamer are well-suited for film recordings, as both spaces are sound- and lightproof. With the help of AV-sets, this allows the tall and large spaces to be transformed into unrecognisable sets.

The building has plenty of space surrounding it, meaning there are enough parking spots for the crew and the cast, as well as spaces for a lighting truck and crew catering.

The Expo and the Backstage can be used as hair-, makeup- and changing rooms, and for crew catering and as a resting space for crew and cast. This makes RADION an extremely suitable and convenient location for your next recording!

Please fill in the contact form below, for questions or to make a reservation, and we will contact you as soon as possible.